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What is Lean Canvas?

Lean Canvas is a system for rapidly designing and communicating a business plan, first developed by Ash Maurya.

The template has 9 sections, which will guide you through the most important considerations of any small business idea.

Learn more about Lean Canvas from Smek Digital

Why LeadCanvas?

Starting a new LeadCanvas board is a quick and easy method for validating a business idea.

The entire process should take less than 20 minutes, and will help you answer key questions about your business idea, while prompting you to think about some of the challenges your new venture might face.

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How do I start?

Start a new board

Then simply follow the numbers, spending just a couple of minutes thinking about and filling out each section as you go.

If you get stuck on a section, take a look at these examples of multi-billion startups from railsware.


  • Create a board for free, with no account
  • Share your board with a link
  • Numbering to guide you through the sections
  • Keep editing your board from the same browser that created it

Coming Soon

  • Business Model Canvas and other templates
  • Export boards as an image or PDF
  • Create accounts and save your board
  • Invite other people to edit your boards
  • Private boards
  • Share a board with a password

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